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Baffle Curtain product DWI (Drink water Inspectorate) Approval

In addition to our Rivertex® APO850 PowerPlas® having DWI approval for contact with drinking water we now have our Baffle curtain product Power Plas® BC 850 approved.

As part of this approval we not only had to produce an IFU (Information for use) document but had to prove to the relevant authority that our process of bonding materials together did not affect the water quality in anyway.

Our approved baffle curtain product is certified in section E4 of the DWI approved products.

Further details for our baffle curtains can be found on our website.

Article posted 2nd December 2019

Installation of our double membrane gas holders

We have a new YouTube page which shows our new video illustrating a recent installation of one of our double membrane gas holders.

Take a look by clicking on this link: YouTube

Article posted 8th October 2019


We’re delighted to welcome Andrew Peace to the team here at Power Plastics as an industry consultant.

Andrew, 47, spent five years as Managing Director of Kirk Environmental, and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the anaerobic and water industries – he started work in the latter at the age of 18.

His remit with us covers sales, business development and product development.

Andrew is especially keen to capitalise on the increasing global demand for renewal energy products – where our double-skinned methane gas holders are an industry benchmark – and sees great potential in Europe, South Africa and South East Asia.

Article posted 1st April 2019


A partnership between manufacturer Power Plastics and technical fabrics group Rivertex has produced a brand new polymer fabric with full Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) approval.

For the first time, water industry users can bring the new material into their supply chain in the form of sludge cones, baffle curtains, tank liners and water bags, confident that all the standards for potable water have been met – and exceeded.

Rivertex® APO Powerplas® took 4 years to develop, and cost the companies more than £25,000 to complete the rigorous DWI testing and approval process.

It is a non-toxic two-layer polymer with an internal scrim weave which achieves far greater tear strength than other thicker, heavier materials but with greater flexibility and a structure which resists delamination.

The new fabric can be safely fabricated using HF welding, without creating toxic fumes; achieves excellent chemical /UV resistance; has long-term water contact compatibility and floats without the need for buoyancy aids.

In addition to its DWI approval, Rivertex® APO Powerplas® is also WRAS certified and meets BS6920. It is supplied exclusively through Power Plastics.

Article posted 1st March 2019


With increasing pressure on space in the Thirsk factory, Power Plastics decided to designed and construct a new storage facility on-site – and with so much in-house expertise on tap, the whole project was handled without outside contractors.

The new aluminium-clad unit, measuring 17m by 8m, has multiple functions, all aimed at freeing-up manufacturing space in the main factory.

Tall, cantilevered racking allows heavy-duty polymer rolls (weighing up to half-a-tonne and containing 200-300 metres of material) to be unloaded direct on delivery and called-off on demand. Stock control and order response are both improved, and the workflow has become much smoother.

The new unit also provides safe storage for pre-cut material which can then be moved into the factory on a just-in-time basis when the time for assembly is right.

Having manufactured much more complex structures to cover process tanks for the water industry, the design and build components of the project were relatively simple for Power Plastics staff. The entire project took only four weeks from start to finish.

Article posted 1st February 2019