PVC Fabric Sheeting

Scaffold roof sheets

We manufacture a range of heavy duty industrial keder roofing membranes designed to fit both modular and non-modular temporary scaffold roofing systems. Our sheeting is manufactured from a high quality PVC coated polyester scrim which meets stringent European flame retardant standards.

The Powerplas keder roof sheeting is manufactured to fit the roof bay width of the scaffolding, the edges of the sheet are fitted with either 8mm, 10mm or 12mm keder bead that fits into the aluminium extrusion mounted above the top cord of the truss. The ends of the sheet are formed into a pocket to allow the insertion of a tube for tensioning the sheet; internal pockets can be fitted to allow the sheet to fit different spans of roof.

We also offer a module type roof cover that again is designed to fit the specific bay width of the roof, these sheets overlap one another and are made water tight by either Velcro or a water proof zip.

All of our sheeting is designed on AutoCAD or other similar programs and cut on a state of the art flatbed cutter to ensure consistent sizing, the sheets are all high frequency or heat welded to ensure that all seams are watertight.

Our keder roof sheets are used by many of the major system scaffolding companies throughout the UK, they are available with internal pockets so one sheet can be used on various spans of roofs.