Waste and Water Industry

Double Membrane Gas Holders

Power Plastics have been manufacturing Double Membrane Gas Holders since 2012 and now have the largest reference list of any UK membrane manufacturer with over 150 installations around the world.

Our Double Membrane Gas Holders are designed and detailed in-house by our own engineering team and then fabricated at one of our 3 manufacturing facilities in the north of England. All manufacturing facilities contain the most modern automated cutting and high frequency welding equipment in the industry with all our processes and procedures certified to the most rigorous third-party standards including ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001.

We utilise a range of specially formulated, high quality, reinforced thermoplastic materials intended for the storage of Biogas. The materials have a special surface treatment formula that provides a high resistance to permeability along with protecting the fabric from the damaging effects of using UV light. Varying membrane strengths are utilised to give the optimum operational performance whilst maintaining rigorous safety factors and standards. All our biogas storage solutions are fully supported by structural calculations to give you the ultimate confidence in the finished installation for many years to come.

Gas Holders can be provided as Stand Alone Ground Mounted units or can be mounted directly on top of the Digestion Tank to provide a Gas Storage Roof; we can also incorporate accessories such as access platforms, service boxes or mixer installations.

See our    page for our new video illustrating a recent installation of one of our double membrane gas holders.


For more information you can download the following brochures. They are in PDF format so you may need Adobe Reader to open them.