Waste and Water Industry

Double Membrane Gas Holders

Power Plastics have been engineering fabric structures for over 40 years and was the exclusive supplier to Kirk Environmental Ltd for their double membrane gas holders / Biodomes for the period June 2012 to March 2017.

With a portfolio of over 150 units produced, our double membrane gas holders are designed and manufactured at our factories in the UK using a range of specially formulated high quality reinforced thermoplastic materials intended for the storage of Biogas. The materials have a special surface treatment formula that provides a high resistance to permeability along with protecting the fabric from the damaging effects of using UV light.

The membranes are designed using our own engineering team and are then fabricated using state of the art cutting and high frequency welding equipment.

We currently manufacture gas holders up to 5500 m³ in capacity. They can be either tank or ground mounted and are constructed from a range of different weights of fabric depending on the required operating pressures.

Features of our double membrane gas holders are: