Waste and Water Industry

Removeable Fabric Roofs

Our Fabric roofs used over rectangular and circular process tank's are extensively utilised within the waste and clean water industry. The fabric covers are easily removed to allow unrestricted inspection and maintenance of the tank process when required.

The tanks are covered using a number of fabric membranes typically 3-5m in width with a beaded edge that feed into extruded aluminium guide rails incorporated within the supporting roof trusses.

With the supporting frame being manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel components it is extremely resistant to the effects of corrosive gases such as H2S as found within many sewage treatments tanks.

Typically the roofs are used for odour control purposes or to protect clean water tanks from environmental conditions such as windblown debris and vermin.

In addition we are able to incorporate aluminium decking and inspection hatches into our designs.