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Power Plastics commissions new state of the art computer controlled cutting machine

The decision to invest in this purpose made machine was taken as part of a planned expansion to increase the manufacturing capacity of the company. Whilst we have been using similar equipment for well over a decade our latest machine benefits from a 60% increase in spread over our existing equipment whilst occupying only a third of the space.

It is equipped with a multi-tool head with rotary and fixed blades along with a unique oscillating blade and driven pizza wheel allowing us to cut numerous materials form meshes, reinforced PVC to Kevlar sheeting.

The moving bed and continuous feed facility means loading and unloading time is kept to a minimum and the length of shapes to be cut is only limited by the length of the material. A vacuum table means that there is no need for the material to be masked or head etc. We also went a step further by incorporating a unique powered feeding machine which not only auto aligns the fabric to the table but has a powered arm for the removal of the Jumbo size rolls.

We look forward to the benefits and efficiencies that this will bring to both ourselves and numerous clients.

Article posted 25th April 2012

Power Plastics announce increase in manufacturing capacity

We are pleased to announce that due to product demand we have increased the size of our manufacturing facility by nearly 33%. To achieve this we have moved the whole of our stores and despatch department into additional premises conveniently located adjacently to our factory here in Thirsk. In addition to the reorganization of our factory we have also invested in an array of specially designed racking for the storage of the many heavy jumbo roll of fabrics that we hold in stock. Yet again this has significantly helped to increase our manufacturing area.

We look forward to the benefits that these changes will achieve and the increase in the quality of service that we can offer to our various clients.

Article posted 25th April 2012