Tank Covers

Keder covers

Odour control covers for large process tanks which can be easily removed for inspection and maintenance of the tank process.

The tank is covered using a number of fabric covers typically 3.0m wide with a beaded edging which feed into extruded aluminium guide rails mounted on a series of metal Trusses. Taking as little of two people to operate, covers can be removed completely (leaving the metal frames in place) or taken out in 3m sections. For more open access, the purlins too can be removed. The fabric is designed and cut so that once under tensions, creates an almost rigid membrane which greatly extends the working life of the panels and creates an excellent odour-blocking seal.

We provide a turn key package from design and manufacture right through to installation. All our designs are structurely proven by independent structural engineers and comply with the latest CDM regulation. We carry out full method statements and risk assessments prior to installation to help our fitting team carry out the installation safely.

Video Gallery

The following videos display some of our Keder covers products/services:

Video - Cover On

Video - Cover Off

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