Gas Tight Chambers

Monitoring equipment

We provide a range of Gas and Temperature monitoring equipment used to ensure safe and efficient fumigation using our various gas monitoring equipment.

This porta sense monitoring device can be used for recording fumigant level and gas leakage detection. Designed for easy one-hand operation, the detector contains an internal sampling pump and a flexible sample wand for the connection to sampling lines etc. A number of different “smart sensors” are available for different gases at different concentration levels.


  • Interchangeable “Smart Sensors” for several gases such Phosphine in ppm or ppb
  • Internal sample pump and external sample wand
  • One-handed pistol grip design
  • Standard “D” cell battery and rechargeable backup battery
  • Easy to read back-lit graphics liquid crystal display
  • Instantaneous and times sampling modes of operations
  • Visual and Audible alarms, internal data-logger with RS-232 output

Gas leakage detection system1 and 2 and 3

This state of the art gas monitoring system using electro chemical sensors is designed to constantly monitor ambient gas for the purpose of gas leakage. The system is capable of being connected to several gas detector transmitters giving protection over large areas. The main control box with a liquid crystal display shows a constant read out of the gas concentration along with recording data.

Temperature monitoring

To ensure quality fumigation it is essential that product temperature is maintained at the correct levels for the gas to be effective. This electronic temperature monitoring device is supplied with a robust stainless steel probe and will alarm if temperatures pass predetermined set points.

Oxygen Metering

Primarily used with our nitrogen fumigation chambers this Oxygen Analyser is battery powered, portable instrument. It provides a continuous digital display of the Oxygen concentration, in the gas sample, presented to the front surface of the sensor unit.

The instrument has two ranges:

  • 0.1% -19.99%
  • 0.1% -100.0%

The sensor assembly incorporates advanced circuit design which provides automatic temperature compensation over the range 10C to 40C. The instrument is easy to calibrate, requiring only a single adjustment and user settable High and Low, Audible and visual alarms are fitted as standard.

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Gas Tight Chambers

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